Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Sunsphere is NOT a Wigshop...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Wigshop,

Stan and The Pol undertook a necessary and important mission today. It had come to our attention that our blog explained what the sunsphere wasn't but never said what it was. Well my friends, we are here to tell you that the sunsphere is ... an observation deck. Now be still, it's true. There is actually a place in knoxville where you can go and stand and look at stuff. Plus, there are a few offices up there as well.

It was probably a shame that the city of Knoxville let the Sunsphere lay decrepit for so long. Now, you and your friends, can, for the cost of nothing, see the view from the top of Knoxville. (Actually there are taller structures like the top of Sterchi or the First Tennessee Building, but this is the Sunsphere, the proverbial heart of Knoxville.)

I will admit that the city has done a beautiful job of redoing the Worlds Fair park and the newly renovated Amphitheatre is a lovely addition. But this story is about the Sunsphere and its amazingnessicity. There is a plethora of historical things, pictures from the 1982 Worlds Fair including this poster, which if anyone can interpret will recieve a case of Worlds Fair Beer.

Finally the Sunsphere, which is still not a wigshop provides a great view of a terrible mistake made by this city years ago. From this view you can see where a community has been cut off from a greater part of the whole and only through serious surgery and effort could it be restored.

All in all it was an amazing and eyeopening trip that was made possible by our cities use of on million dollars that reopened the Sunsphere so that we might post this blog. Thank you Knoxville.


Mickey said...

I think that's a promotional poster for an exhibit at the Japanese Pavilion titled "Burning My Ass on the Sun." I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

1. It's a Peter Max poster. He was the official artist of the '82 World's Fair. Remember, "a poster should not mean but be."

2. The "community" if you mean Ft. Sanders, was cut off from the downtown about a century and a half ago. The 82WF simply cleaned up what was a mishmash of brownfields.

3. i before e except after c

The Pol said...

i like mickey's version better. And I apologize for my improper grammar. Mea Culpa.

Anonymous said...

I like bill d's grammar/spelling correction! One day I will write a post about the proper ways to use the pronouns me and I. If people are anything like my former English 101 students, no one will listen to me, but it's worth a shot.

ck said...

i think the communities he was referencing were the mechanicsville and 4th and gill neighborhoods, lopped off of the grid by i-40.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that world's fair park really is beautiful and a lot larger than people probably think. It's where we do our bootcamp. Yay world's fair!

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