Saturday, February 16, 2008

knoxville on jimmy kimmel live!

yesterday, a friend of mine that is a production assistant on the jimmy kimmel live show called me and told me i was the only knoxville connection that anyone on the crew had and they needed a copy of thursday's knoxville news-sentinel. the reason they want it is so that they can feature an obituary for this man, david lee anderson, on tuesday night's show. i guess the fact that he's wearing a 'coed naked bar hopping' hat in his obituary picture is comical enough for late-night tv. anyways, i spent $30 fed-exing thursday's paper to california and hopefully it will be featured on this tuesday night's episode of jimmy kimmel. that's right my friends. on tuesday night, america will find out what knoxville is all about.


Anonymous said...

Lucas, I have something to add to your Jimmy Kimmel story. Click here. Sorry I cost you $30! I hope you get reimbursed.

ck said...

now all of knoxville will watch jimmy kimmel tonight as we get skewered.

Mickey said...

This is so completely great.

Frank Murphy said...

Hey Lucas,

I posted an update on Thursday night. As you know, all I did was email my friend Jimmy about the obit. Someone on his staff then had to track down the actual newspaper. It's fantastic that you were able to send it. For all the publicity the News Sentinel got, Jack Lail should send you a free KnoxNews cap!