Tuesday, February 05, 2008

down and dirty

If you happened by World's Fair Park this morning between 7 and 8, maybe you saw a small group of soaking wet, mud covered people doing sprints and lunges, etc. I was one of those people. Boot Camp is awesome. I mean, I can't lift my arms today; but Boot Camp is really awesome.


stan said...

we need pictures of the torture tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

do you want to come shoot them? because i'm not dragging my camera through the mud.

maybe i'll take an "after" shot one morning. warning, i look totally HOT soaked in sweat and water and covered in mud. like, scarlett johansson better go running.

ck said...

chances are you won't find me anywhere besides my bed between 7 and 8. have fun!

Mickey said...

I'll think of you when I'm sitting with my bowl of cereal and cup of tea reading a good book before work.

Actually, I'm jealous.