Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not One More Torn Down

Dear St. Johns Episcopal,

Perhaps you didn't know this but downtown Knoxville, where you have been for oh 100+ years, has a glut of surface parking and a lack of good building stock to work with.

Your current plan to demolish 2 perfectly functional buildings in favor of a small parking lot screams of both an ignorance of those who you live around and a complete tone deafness to the current situation in downtown Knoxville.

You inhabit one of the finest examples of architecture in this town and yet seem to have no sense of place. Please explain to the local community why there is such a desperate need to destroy thousands of feet of habitable space in favor of asphalt. I cannot tell you how incredibly angry I am at the prospect of this move and will be speaking out against what you are proposing.

I am a supporter of property rights, but please be aware of your responsibility to the community. Destroying high density buildings in favor of surface parking is a continued symptom of the short sighted approach to needs that has run rampant in this town for years.


The Wigshop

PS- I have loved the taller building and walk by it almost daily. St. Johns if you want to sell it please let me know as I need a larger place to live with my burgeoning family. I'll even let you park behind there for free.


story to read, thanks Mr. Neely

Let the Design Review Board hear from you. (updated link thanks to alert reader)

Let St. Johns Episcopal hear from you.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Daniel Pujol Tonight

Tonight at the Pilot Light. Come see Daniel Pujol who recently signed to Saddle Creek and is the greatest. The show is with Squid Supply and is $5. 10p.m.

More info on Pujol here

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday Nights

Two big things are happening tomorrow night, and they can (and will by myself and a few others) be combined! Tomorrow night is the Knoxville Bicycle Collective's Tour De Knox. The ride starts at the fire station in the fort (by Highland and 17th across from Redeemer Church) at 6.30. It will be a giant group of bikers going to seven different locations, hanging out, and drinking some libations. At each location different bands will be playing. It will end outside of the fireproof gallery later that night.

One departure that I am going to be making is to see local artist Seth Collins' opening at 1010 (100 block Gay St.) He is a fantastic video and graphic artist. He describes the project as, "A video installation combining projected image with suspended vellum to create a visual environment."

Sounds great to me.

The opening at 1010 will be from 6-9p.m.

Even if cycling is not for you, go to 1010. But if you like art, music, riding, and fun then tomorrow night is going to be the best.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Salvage Sale

If you are in the market for old building materials for renovation or creative projects, you NEED to come by Knox Heritage tomorrow, Thursday, October 13, between 1pm and 6:30 pm. We are having a sale on doors, windows, and more.

Basically, the tiny room where we store materials is bursting at the seams, and we need to clear out space for incoming donations.

See more of the inventory here, and please tell your friends.

Knox Heritage Salvage
in the Carriage House next to WATE-Channel 6
1300 North Broadway
Park behind the building, the entrance is in the back

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the "new" quarry

Our friends over at Marble City Brewery have recently hit a few milestones. Their libations are being more and more widely distributed, they are rolling out new beers and generally making great inroads into becoming a great Knoxville brewery.

An important part of the brewery tradition is the tasting room. All great local breweries are not only a product and a brand, but they are also a place. The manufacturing process in itself is a draw. People want to visit a brewery, see the people who make the beer, see the process, and drink the fresh fruits of that sweet labor.

Marble City has recently, just last week, opened The Quarry. This is the name of their tasting room, which serves, of course, the local fare and some munchies. If you saw the old New Knox tasting room it was in shambles and so what the MC crew did with it is quite impressive.

It's a great place over in the warehouse district,you should definitely swing by and see it. I've been to quite a few brew houses and their accompanying bars and this one is very welcoming. I especially like the reproduction of the old central avenue store front that also served as the inspiration for the name.

If you haven't been here it is

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