Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the "new" quarry

Our friends over at Marble City Brewery have recently hit a few milestones. Their libations are being more and more widely distributed, they are rolling out new beers and generally making great inroads into becoming a great Knoxville brewery.

An important part of the brewery tradition is the tasting room. All great local breweries are not only a product and a brand, but they are also a place. The manufacturing process in itself is a draw. People want to visit a brewery, see the people who make the beer, see the process, and drink the fresh fruits of that sweet labor.

Marble City has recently, just last week, opened The Quarry. This is the name of their tasting room, which serves, of course, the local fare and some munchies. If you saw the old New Knox tasting room it was in shambles and so what the MC crew did with it is quite impressive.

It's a great place over in the warehouse district,you should definitely swing by and see it. I've been to quite a few brew houses and their accompanying bars and this one is very welcoming. I especially like the reproduction of the old central avenue store front that also served as the inspiration for the name.

If you haven't been here it is

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