Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bargain B: 31 Bistro and Preservation Pub

The warm weather and sunshine have turned Market Square into a magnetic force field, luring me to its patios.

On Monday, I sat in the sunshine at Pres Pub's patio and enjoyed Blue Moonday ($2 pints of Blue Moon). I had a couple of glasses and split a cheese pizza with a friend for a total of about $7 before tip.  Awesome.

Then Tuesday, the same friend and I tried out 31 Bistro's Happy Hour, as their sign out front has been enticing me. I don't really know what the story is with the restaurant that was formerly La Costa, but I've learned they have a killer Happy Hour.

From 4-7pm Monday through Saturday, glasses of sangria, their regular margarita, glasses of house wine, and bottles of beer are $2 each. They also have Happy Hour food, so my friend and I shared a plate of fries with a creamy aioli dipping sauce. We each spent about $6 before tip, having 2 drinks each and sharing the fries. Patio perfection.

Thankfully nicer weather means riding the ole bike around again which I'm going to need to do more if I keep giving in to my Happy Hour addiction. I'm doing this for you, Knoxville, because I care.

(Is it funny that my first post since November is about eating junk food and boozing it up? I've found my muse!)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Royal Bangs TONIGHT!

Tonight the best band in Knoxville, Royal Bangs, will play the pilot light. It's been a while since the hometown heroes played here. Come and support your local scene. It is going to be fantastic. Starting the show is Big Bad Oven (distorted lap steel and saxophone= rock and roll.) This will be followed by anti-comedian Gary Plimpton. It's going to be full of dancing, fun, and great music. The Pilot Light, 10 p.m. 7$ (worth every penny)