Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bargain B: 31 Bistro and Preservation Pub

The warm weather and sunshine have turned Market Square into a magnetic force field, luring me to its patios.

On Monday, I sat in the sunshine at Pres Pub's patio and enjoyed Blue Moonday ($2 pints of Blue Moon). I had a couple of glasses and split a cheese pizza with a friend for a total of about $7 before tip.  Awesome.

Then Tuesday, the same friend and I tried out 31 Bistro's Happy Hour, as their sign out front has been enticing me. I don't really know what the story is with the restaurant that was formerly La Costa, but I've learned they have a killer Happy Hour.

From 4-7pm Monday through Saturday, glasses of sangria, their regular margarita, glasses of house wine, and bottles of beer are $2 each. They also have Happy Hour food, so my friend and I shared a plate of fries with a creamy aioli dipping sauce. We each spent about $6 before tip, having 2 drinks each and sharing the fries. Patio perfection.

Thankfully nicer weather means riding the ole bike around again which I'm going to need to do more if I keep giving in to my Happy Hour addiction. I'm doing this for you, Knoxville, because I care.

(Is it funny that my first post since November is about eating junk food and boozing it up? I've found my muse!)