Wednesday, October 31, 2007

more music

Reckoner by Radiohead. This is my favorite song off the album. What's yours?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

house mountain

House Mountain is the highest point in Knox County and a mere 20 minute drive from Knoxville up Rutledge Pike. Alice and I went up and hiked with the dogs on Sunday. When a Knoxvillian doesn't have time to go to the Smokies or Big South Fork, this sure is a good quick alternative. The loop is around 3 miles and had some pretty strenuous sections. And there's a great view from the top back across the valley towards the mountains.

hear here

sorry to load up on the posts, but i wanted to share some music and i think i figured how.

click here for a song by the national: "slow show." it is a live version--really good too. enjoy.

it's true

somebody in knoxville loves you all.

music is good

i really enjoyed this article on music. maybe you will too.

fascism in knoxville??

you read that correctly. it started with a state-mandated ban on cigarettes in bars and restaurants. already, we are plunged headfirst down that slippery, slippery slope. in an effort to better 'serve and protect', KPD has started installing mobile observation towers around the city. sure it appears harmless, and even beneficial. but thats what the germans said about hitler and the nazi's when the burned down the reichstag and blamed it on the reds. everybody thought mousillini was just an overblown, self-absorbed bastard in weird glasses (which is actually true). and until they started fighting a civil war, every spaniard probably thought franco was just another bored dude in a tank. we're just one step away, people.

also, the dr. k machine was out of order. if that doesn't say "police state" to you, then might as well give you're reading list to the government, you sap. oh wait, they already have it because of the patriot act.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

newfound gap

Here are a couple pics from a trip that Jason, Megan, Greg, and I took up to Newfound Gap on Saturday. Even though we encountered some moderate traffic while driving through hell on earth (pigeon forge), it ended up being a great relaxing time and by the end of it, our lungs felt less obstructed and we were all breathing a little easier from the cool, clean mountain air. It probably wasn't as exciting as a Korean hike up an 80 degree incline, but it was still good.

sagu food market

I see this little hut everyday on my way to work behind the "Star" gas station on Broadway. What was it? How did it even get a permit to sell food? What kind of food did it sell? It seems to be out of business now, but I always imagined a dim little shop with dried octopus tentacles and old bones hanging from the rafters, with a little old man smoking opium in the back. And, apparently, two liters of Coca-Cola.
Pretty soon the kudzu will take it over and demolish the hut, but right now it's just another enigma in North Knoxville.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

but if it was a wig shop...

it would have 5 stories! imagine all those wigs!
i think this drawing proves, to my great disappointment, that the floors in the sunsphere DO NOT rotate. Another dream busted.

work/life balance

Since I'm traveling right now, I thought I'd give everyone a little insight into my life at work. When I go on these trips, I have to meet and entertain very important people. These people are on the caliber of the Pope or the King of Russia. They are so important that if I told you their names, you wouldn't even know who they were. They're that important.

Here I am shaking hands with one of the top people of the world. Just think about it!

Because of the essential nature of my work, its often necessary that I go out with my important clients to play the back nine. As you can imagine from these shots, I have a very impressive handicap rating.

lame no-picture blog

i can't believe i have another blog to keep up now!
i'll upload some weird knoxville pictures as soon as the new battery charger for my camera gets here. i've been scoping out some potential places on the commute home. i don't know who will read this (besides the participants and will, that is) but i think this blog is a great idea. and yours truly will personally commit to finding the funkiest parts of knoxville and post them here for mankind.