Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Knoxville in October

Here is the view from Sterchi 1007 this morning. The camera doesn't truly capture how rich the sky looked this morning for three reasons:

1. There is sand in the lens
2. The camera has 2.0 mega pixels of resolution and no zoom (roughly the same quality as most new camera phones)
3. I'm a bad photographer

Anyway, in Knoxville, mornings like this are quite nice. Though the air is think with moisture, the temperature is cool and the sky is overcast. I enjoy seeing the variations of gray in the sky on mornings like this.

Last night we had our weekly Monday night gathering at Barley's. Greg brought a quote from Walker Percy's Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self Help Book. Specifically, the quote was about the relationship between religion (Christianity) and Science (evolution). I thought the discussion went very well overall.

And by very well I mean that everyone at the table recognized that my comments were both undeniably true and painfully sublime.

Also, this picture is of one the neon signs in Barley's. In the dark light, it kind of looks like a little glowing hell.

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Anonymous said...

Ya just gotta love Barley's! I've been frequenting that place since 1999! :)