Wednesday, October 24, 2007

work/life balance

Since I'm traveling right now, I thought I'd give everyone a little insight into my life at work. When I go on these trips, I have to meet and entertain very important people. These people are on the caliber of the Pope or the King of Russia. They are so important that if I told you their names, you wouldn't even know who they were. They're that important.

Here I am shaking hands with one of the top people of the world. Just think about it!

Because of the essential nature of my work, its often necessary that I go out with my important clients to play the back nine. As you can imagine from these shots, I have a very impressive handicap rating.


will cote said...


Anonymous said...

Don't BUY!

ck said...

i can't believe i know such an important guy! maybe it will rub off on me!