Tuesday, October 30, 2007

fascism in knoxville??

you read that correctly. it started with a state-mandated ban on cigarettes in bars and restaurants. already, we are plunged headfirst down that slippery, slippery slope. in an effort to better 'serve and protect', KPD has started installing mobile observation towers around the city. sure it appears harmless, and even beneficial. but thats what the germans said about hitler and the nazi's when the burned down the reichstag and blamed it on the reds. everybody thought mousillini was just an overblown, self-absorbed bastard in weird glasses (which is actually true). and until they started fighting a civil war, every spaniard probably thought franco was just another bored dude in a tank. we're just one step away, people.

also, the dr. k machine was out of order. if that doesn't say "police state" to you, then might as well give you're reading list to the government, you sap. oh wait, they already have it because of the patriot act.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. K for the people!