Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I didn't stay for Monday night discussion last night because Knoxville in October makes me feel a little reclusive. But I did enjoy some heavenly pizza with J and M. If Stan thinks that his comments about Walker Percy were sublime, he is delusional. But I'll tell you what is sublime.... Barley's Fabio Italian Sausage Pizza. Should people use the term Sublime to describe food? No. But I just did. So there.

What else is delicious in Knoxville? Beer...
These are J and M's Oktoberfests. I am not a fan of Oktoberfest, so I had a delicious and hoppy pale ale. It is not in the picture. That other thing is a water.

What else is delicious? This lady's hair. True fact. She sends a special shout out to all our friends in Korea.

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Anna Louise said...

i like reading ya'lls posts. it makes me feel like i shodul change my blog to "alittlewashingtonian" to match.

btdub- jason... i didn't realize that stan was you so i am glad you said something.

and hi emily, nice to meet you... i have heard wonderful things abotu you from jay and meggie.