Sunday, February 17, 2008

More "Interesting Graffiti" in Knoxville

Well, Stan and The Pol (while on their Sunsphere excursion) stumbled upon some more gems of that truly public art form/ misdemeanor. This graffiti was found on the side of a house being renovated near Henley St. It's the cool-looking Victorian behind the Hampton Inn hotel. Anyways, enjoy.


regi said...

i'm not sure but the second and fourth graffitti photo looks just like some of the paintings in the deka bakari gallery off gay st. and cumberland.

Mickey said...

I go past that house on Henley every day and always throw a glance at the artwork because it's ever-changing and pretty interesting.

Also, does anyone know what the deal is with that property? They were actively renovating for a while, but then nothing's been happening now for about a year (aside from the cool graffitti). Prime location, too.

ck said...

an younger architect that works for one of the big firms in town bought it and saved it from demolition. i went to a first friday art showing there and most of the interior was stripped down to the studs. They ripped off a non-historical addition last year, but i guess he's run out of money for now. at least it's owned by a sympathetic owner who's not going to tear it down.

Mickey said...

Thanks, ck. I figured somebody had a plan for it or it would have been torn down long ago. It's such a cool building.

bran said...

you can find out about the house at its official site:
cuz you know, all old houses need sites

the house is still being worked on. as is the tiny building next door (which has hogged a lot of progress lately.)