Friday, February 15, 2008

theatre knoxville downtown

I had spotted this place before, but for some reason I stopped to look at their fliers this morning on my way to work.
It's up on North Gay Street, across from Regas and next to the Knoxville Art Gallery/COPYSHOP. Theatre Knoxville Downtown looks funky. It can't be that large inside. I expect that the performances are very intimate.
The fliers advertised a whole season running this year, going on until June. Right now a play called Same Time, Next Year is playing. Has anyone been here? Sometimes this kind of place can be very cool, too often it's not.
The play I'm interested in is last one of the season, Forbidden Knoxville. The description said it would comment on and make fun of various things about Knoxville. I think that would be worth going to see- it sounds original you know it won't be running anywhere else! Forbidden Knoxville will be starting June 6.
Good or bad, it's cool to see funky little cultural efforts appearing around downtown. It feels like a critical mass is forming- get enough creative people together in one place and who knows what they'll come up with. I'm looking forward to seeing how the creative side of Knoxville will manifest itself.


Courtney said...

I saw a play there once and honestly, it kind of sucked. But the setting is very intimate, so it was still kinda cool.

Unknown said...

"Same Time, Next Year" was featured on "Style" on WBIR recently. The two lead actors are married in real life. Aw...

Mickey said...

TKD has been around for a while and at that location for a couple years, I think. I wrote a story about it last September, but I'm hazy on the details. It's as big as it looks from the outside- seats about 30.

The production we saw needed some work (mostly the acting, I'm sorry to say), but I'd like to go back and give it another shot.

The Pol said...

the wife and i saw a show there last year. It wasn't that bad... that good either I can't remember what it was. Anyways forbidden Knoxville sounds fun. We should definitely get front row seats for that one.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I just saw Same Time, Next Year.
It was my first time seeing a show there and, while it lacked in a lot of areas..I can see that the space has great potential.

The crowd was 98% ""older"" (as in canes and wheelchairs) the other 2% were my husband and I.

Where are the young theater crowds? And the theater for them?

Anonymous said...

We went to see The Importance of Being Earnest at this theatre last winter, and it was fantastic! They included the audience in the play in a couple of ways that were not intrusive or scary. The play was both heavy and hilarious. We all thought the acting was wonderful and creative! They had short funny "dance lessons" during intermission. There was a gorilla sitting in the audience with us for the 1st act. They had coffee and candy and a couch or 2 in the entrance lobby. The audience was fairly full and the crowd was a total mixture of ages. I have wanted to go back ever since.

Chelsea Samples said...

As a native Knoxvillian, I grew up in our local theater scene, and lord knows it's seen its good days and bad, and probably not the last of either. Honestly, I'm just thrilled that some people (you) are actually showing an interest in live performances other than musical acts.

I am a cast member of Forbidden Knoxville, and I must say, as we've gotten further into rehearsals, I've grown increasingly excited and confident about the show. I admit, I was waiting to get further along before I invited everyone I knew, but I would definitely like to encourage you, and any and all other lovers of the performing arts, to come out, and support Knoxville theater. The calibur of our theatrical performances are directly reliant upon the support they receive.

Thank you for giving us a nod!

CORRECTION: The show runs May 14–24.

"Theatre Knoxville Downtown's outrageous take on all things Knoxville. A little song ... a little dance ... a little seltzer down your pants. Who knows what the night will bring? Join us for skits, sketches, parody songs, and other amusements as we poke fun at everything we can think of. Politicians, personalities, current events, local color: it's all fair game. Don't miss it!"


Anonymous said...

I am confused.