Tuesday, February 05, 2008

G? i mean, really?

I found a site that scans blogs and gives them a rating. Apparently the Wig Shop is OK for all ages. Just to check to make sure it was working, I put in Joe's Used Toy Emporium. This is what it said:
I guess it does work!


Anonymous said...

that's not very nice, ck.

i guess i swear a lot?

ck said...

it seems that way. the blog rater doesn't lie! i think it only scans the front page, so wig shop probably would've gotten at least pg-13 if it had scanned some of the older posts.
at least we can rest assured that joe's probably doesn't get too much under 17 traffic.

Anonymous said...

i dont think there's anything on my blog that a kid couldnt read.

in fact, i go out and collect babies from the street and sit them in front of my laptop and MAKE them read it. they love it.