Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another great band!

Hey! I just found out that another really great band is playing at the Pilot Light tomorrow night. Nashville's De Novo Dahl. They're on Theory 8 Records, which is a really great label.

I dont know if I'll make it because I have previously made dinner plans. We're hoping to hit up the new Bogartz restaurant in Bearden called Roux Barb (not sure if it's one word or two), but I cant track down even a phone number for the place to see about a res. Anyone have any leads?

Anyway, De Novo Dahl. Tons of fun. You can check out their music on the web page I linked up there. 5 bucks at the P-Light. Friday 2/15.


Mickey said...

That's really funny because I was just listening to an album of theirs I bought a few years ago at one of their shows. I liked it then, but just decided that it pretty much sucks.

That said, I did enjoy them live and I might go if I wasn't sick.

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