Friday, February 01, 2008

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if you like to listen to music while you read or if you just like playing with gadgets on websites, you may have noticed a strange box to the right called "finetune." amazingly, this allows any user that visits this website to listen to music right on the webpage. i have to admit myself, this is pretty cool. i try to update the player with new music every few weeks. unfortunately for you, i update with music that i listen to.

so, in the recent spirit of soliciting reader feedback, i want you to send me your requests. whatever any of you want to hear, save the pol (because i can't handle michael bublé). i promise to only half-heartedly berate your musical opinions. seriously, i probably won't even make fun of them at all. unless it happens to be faux sinatra trash.

as an added bonus, i have listed my favorite songs of 2007. what are yours (i really am joking about that berating part above, unless it involves lounge singing)? the media player below is supposed to let you stream the songs on this website. please be patient if it doesn't work at first. so, favorite songs 2007. in no particular order and for different reasons:

The National, Boxer, "Fake Empire" and "Slow Show"

The Black Kids, Wizard of Ahhhs, "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You."

Spoon, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, "Don't You Evah"

just in case you were wondering, i did create that amazing logo at the top. with microsoft paint.


Anonymous said...

stan, you are a design genius!

you forgot to list the kanye song as a top 2007 hit! what's it called? stronger? holla!

my favorite songs of 2007 probably were recorded before 2007, do i doubt any of them count.

put some tom in that juke box.

shelleycoughlin said...

How about some of the new Mike Doughty tracks? I missed him in concert and I'm bummed.

will cote said...

well, i think some of these songs might be a little older, but im gonna take your 'best songs of 2007' subjectively. here are the songs that i could listen to for up to 3 times in a row this year...

chinese translation. m ward
chewing gum. annie
meaningless. magnetic fields
master of none. beach house
a sentence of sorts in Kongsvinger. of montreal
sister winter. sufjan stevens

regi said...

my top 20 in alphabetical order because i'm that pompous or really love itunes:

andrew bird: simple x
animal collective: for reverend green
the arcade fire: keep the car running
band of horses: the general specific
beirut: elephant gun
black kids: i'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you (good call stan. when is their album coming out!?)
bright eyes: tourist trap
broken social scene: aging faces/losing places
electralane: to the east
feist: i feel it all
iron & wine: flightless bird, american mout
jens lekman: the opposite of hallelujah
lcd soundsystem: all my friends
mgmt: time to pretend
the national: apartment story
of montreal: a sentence of sorts in kongsvinger
panda bear: comfy in nautica
a place to bury strangers: don't think lover
the shins: turn on me
spoon: you got yr, cherry bomb

go ahead make your new mix cd. i promise i won't tell.

ck said...

i'm not pretentious enough to make a list, but i will say "right on!" to will for sister winter. I listened to that song on repeat a lot this winter. and as for spoon: maybe it's not cool because it was the most popular, but the underdog beats don't you evah and you got yr cherry bomb in my book.

The Pol said...

how about you've lost that lovin' feelin' by the righteous brothers or champagne supernova (the cover version) by sister hazel

Bro. Byron said...

Just discovered if you blast through all of them you will get a message that says "You're going to have to listen to some of them" ha, ha, now that's funny! You probably wouldn't want any of my suggestion on there...

will cote said...

bring it byron

benjamin said...

i'll just list artists, you choose the song:
jens lekman
ryan adams
devendra banhart
bon iver