Monday, February 11, 2008

regas square?

i pass by regas restaurant pretty frequently throughout the course of my typical week. lately this sign has really been bothering me. someone decided that the area surrounding the restaurant need to demarcated. i guess i first noticed the sign about a month ago and its been a thorn in my side ever since.

what makes this place a square? seriously, it is just a parking lot, and not a very nice looking one at that. in fact, every time i walk by it previously, i usually thought to myself, "what an ugly parking lot. there should be a really pretty building there." instead, whomever makes these decisions decided to anchor my pain firmly in place with a placard. we knew we could park there, why did we need it labeled as well? as if the parking lot is being added to the historical register. and why call it a square? a simple "parking for regas customers only" would've done the job, if the restaurant was getting fidgety over proprietary stake in some prized downtown parking.

pubic places like squares seem generally like a good idea to me. pretty much everybody loves market square and the strange triangle on summit and gay at least has a treble clef. squares that are parking lots just labeled squares, however, are a sham. they diminish the value of true squares (or triangles and roundabouts) everywhere!

and that's all i have to say about that.


Mickey said...

Ha, ha!

Yeah, that's bizarre. That sign would be a good target for some of that grafitti c.k. is so keen on. Take a sharpie over there and insert "is for" in the middle and pluralize "square." I'm sure we can come up with something better than that, but just off the top of my head...

ck said...

i saw that sign last week on my bike ride in. as someone who studied urban design, I can tell you definitively that "regas square" in no way qualifies as a square. It just blights what would otherwise be a fairly pretty block of depot st.

Anonymous said...

That block of Depot is NOT pretty! And the sign that says "Regas Square" could just as easily, or rather should, say "Buy your crack here." But I do know this: important work gets done on that block.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katie Ries said...

The word from nearby business owners is that the restaurant wanted to rename a portion of the street Regas St. There were objections from the other business on the street: this is the compromise, I guess.

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