Saturday, February 23, 2008


The last video game I ever played was Contra on plain old Nintendo, like way back in 1991. I kicked that game's ass, but then the cartridge broke and no matter how much I blew into it, it just wouldn't play.

For a while my Dear got into the Vice City game on Playstation, and I would pretend to care if he busted a cap in that thug's ass or whatnot.

I just dont care about video games. But I know a lot of people do! And that's really cool. Which is why I am pleased to inform you that versus, a video game extravaganza, has opened on Gay Street. I am a huge supporter of small and local biznez, so I hope this place does well. If you like games, I think you should check it out. Just be quiet on the street outside if it's late at night. We got people sleeping on that block.

I dont think there's a website, but they have a myspace page:


Nathaniel said...

Good to see some fun stuff coming to knox.

Mickey said...

Sounds like a gathering of a whole lot of people that I have absolutely nothing in common with. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

So far whenever I look in the window, it's people who are surprisingly close to our age bracket. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just thought it would be more kids.

I know my dearest is excited to go down there just to check it out.

Anonymous said...

it's really fun. i'm not that into video games but i was pleasantly surprised... and they sell a bunch of sweet beverages like cocaine- an energy drink that tastes like cinnamon and makes your throat numb. mmmm.

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