Monday, February 18, 2008

Metallica lives at the Pilot Light

the pilot light is a great little "hole in the wall" venue on jackson ave. to sometimes catch good bands and some really weird acts. it's usually a hit or miss.

two weekends ago i went there to catch a band from chattanooga that one of my friends used to be in. they were called gold, but now they're the giant tigers. they were a fun band to see live and i had a great time, so my thanks to the giant tigers.

however, the opening act had to be the weirdest i had ever seen. there was one guy on stage playing his heart and soul into these two metallica cords he probably learned that week out of guitar player magazine, and he was completely buzzed out of his mind. he just kept on playing the same chords over and over again, no bridge, solo, or even change in dynamics, just the same two power chords for about thirty minutes straight. he never let up, even after he completely cleared the room of the pilot light. i didn't get it. maybe he thought he was reinventing the wheel when it came to music, or something or maybe he just had some good shrooms. all i know is that he was the only guy in the room besides the bartender for the last two minutes of his "postmodern playing."

do shows like this happen often at the pilot light? what's been your experience? and what metallica songs can you play on the guitar?


lucas said...

i can play Nothing Else Matters, which is actually an awesome song. could we attribute the "two power-chord" style to a band other than metallica?

regi said...

take your pick of any grunge era band which was a good time for music to expand to form other genres of music. speaking of which we need to have a weezer jam session again sometime soon.

"all i need is a red guitar, two chords and the truth..." -bono