Friday, February 15, 2008

Watching the Detectives! (aka ELVIS IS COMING!)

Elvis is coming! Elvis is coming!

Holy moly, he's on my list of performers to see before I (they) die. It's not such a morbid list, really, just a way to keep tally of those epic performers I really want to check out before they check out. Ha ha. So witty am I. (I Missed Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison, among a few others).

Anyway, Knoxville is about to be graced with the presence of the one and only Elvis Costello! A little bird tells me that he is coming May 6 to the Tennessee Theatre. Tickets are 44 bucks plus fees. I think that's a really decent rate for someone as prolific as Mr. Costello. You can go to the theatre's site for tickets or check in with the great folks at AC Entertainment .

I'm really excited for this one. What's your favorite Elvis Costello song?


Jackson Hall said...

I'll Wear It Proudly

Unknown said...

Tough call! Probably "Veronica", although "Radio Radio", "Pump It Up", "Watching the Detectives", and "Every Day I Write the Book" are certainly up there.

regi said...

"blaim it on cain" off the b-sides of my aim is true is a great song.