Sunday, February 24, 2008

an open letter to our commenter

I've been taking a break from the blog this week, but a few recent events brought me back to write this post. I'm hoping to sort things out and open up a rational conversation here at the Wigshop.

There have been some disconcerting comments made on several older posts, very hostile to the opinions I expressed in a past post and also demeaning towards two of our writers. Most of you who read here probably didn't notice. They appeared back in the archive and were removed by the editor because of their obscene nature. This commenter has continued to try to threaten and/or insult our writers.

This is a blog. It's not journalism. It's just six people who express their opinions and observations about life in Knoxville. This past week, thousands of people came to the Wigshop and brought with them many opinions- some in line with ours, some not. Even between the six of us, opinions often differ. We welcome intelligent discussion from anyone here. We encourage anyone to comment and challenge us. We hope that this place can be a forum for many different Knoxvillian viewpoints.

To our malcontent commenter: I personally invite you talk with me about our differing opinions. You've expressed the desire to do so, so here's your chance. I'll meet you in any public place, anytime. The post expressed my opinion, I alone am responsible for what I said. So lay off the other writers, they had nothing to do with it. I stand by my words and encourage you to come discuss them with me face to face.

To other 99% of our readers, thanks for your participation! And please forgive this weird post. We'll have more good stuff coming this week...


Amelia said...

guess there's no mystery behind who the comment was from. i agree: blogs are completely your opinion or whatever you want them to be and shouldn't be judged otherwise, at least not with aggression. good luck and be sure to meet in public. haha

Mickey said...

Rumble. Jets vs. Sharks. It's on.

No, seriously- I'm sure everyone will agree that dissent and disagreement are more than welcome in any reasonable forum, encouraged even. There's a big fat line between intelligent discourse and being a jerk, though.

If that's what you're getting at, that is. I'm just chiming in.

_victor said...

Ah, bless the trolls. Once they discovered how awesome blogs are, they've been a lot less noisy on forums.

I've got comment war stories to beat the band. Or, 'banned' in this case. Yeesh. People need hobbies.

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