Tuesday, February 05, 2008

graffiti archive

This site has a cool collection of the random stuff people have written on walls (among other public surfaces). I don't know what makes us have the urge to put our thoughts in writing where others will read it. It seems to be a very common urge (I'll admit to writing on the occasional bathroom stall), based on the sheer amount of graffiti documented at this site.


Mickey said...

Is that a T I see at the end of "DIE"? Nice.

See, I can appreciate graffiti that says something, even if I don't know what it means. MIND and BANTR just didn't have anything to say, apparently, and that's just boring. Boring is a sin.

ck said...

I hadn't noticed that. Maybe there's an annoying, fat poodle in that neighborhood which needs to diet and/or die.

stan said...

seriously, if you think about it what is a fart?

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