Friday, February 08, 2008


i can't say that any of us consider ourselves particularly "in the know" over others when it comes to knoxville. however, we obviously care about this place and like to know whats up. the word on the street is a section where can all share whatever small, juicy morsels have been gleaned, be they local government and politics or general noteworthy developments in the area.

if you're not a regular contributor and have tales to tell, please let us know. we love to hear the latest.


Anonymous said...

stan, your ms paint skills are getting better by the day! someone better send you to design school!

word on the street is it's almost 5pm on friday, thank the mighty heavens.

Anonymous said...

ck, go read yesterday's post at scruffy city. you're the most proactive of all of us. go do that shit.

ck said...

i like the logo, stan! we're becoming a regular magazine-like blog. i'll get on that with scruffy, em.