Monday, February 18, 2008

Fiery Furnaces: Ladies Night at the Pilot Light Sells Out!

the pilot light drew me in yet again last weekend. stan, my girlfriend emily, (not to be confused with em) and myself went to go to see the fiery furnaces. stan got there earlier and called me to say that the pilot light actually sold out, it had reached maximum capacity. emily and i weren't ready to give up just yet, so with a little schmoosing and rubbing elbows, or rather elbowing, we got in after we had to pay the doorman a couple extra bucks.

it was packed. it wasn't full of the homeless indie hipster tight jeans crowd you would usually see there (which category i would probably fall into excluding the tight jeans, springsteens are not my style.), or the goth tight jeans crowd, or the young professional tight jeans crowd, oddly enough the majority of the crowd was a group of women who were "very physically affectionate to each other." (disclaimer: i'm not here to bash, just stating facts.) i had never been around so many women who were lesbians gathered in one place at one time or at the pilot light before. so, fiery furnaces apparently you have a little niche in knoxville.

we got some pbr's and found an opening on the back bench where we stood to watch the show. the fiery furnaces played alot of tunes from their new album "widow city" and a few off their previous albums "bitter tea", "blueberry boat" and "gallowsbird's bark". i'd like to say that i enjoyed seeing the fiery furnaces that night, but neither stan nor emily and i could hear them really well. during most of the concert, there was a group of women next to us who talked loudly to one another as if they were at a party or nightclub scene and spoiled the show a little. next time if you are at a concert, show some courtesy to the artists who you paid to see and the people around you.

as the show went on, emily got some pics of the fiery furnaces, an elderly drunk woman sat on my foot for about 15 seconds, and stan later got hit on by the one of the few heterosexual women there. i think that was my favorite part of the evening. stan kept flashing his wedding ring to the girl next to him, but she knew what she wanted.
upcoming concerts: giant tiger is coming around again march 1st, and myself and other little knoxvillians are excited for black mountain and bon iver march 9th.


ck said...
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Anonymous said...

they are GREAT live. i saw them in nashville but the crowd was tiny. its a shame hardly anyone came out to see such a great band. but thats nashville for you. Matt is also very nice, he stayed on stage to meet those that wanted to talk to him. I would see them every time they came to town.

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