Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tap Into Good Times

For my first review I am taking on a place that is near and dear to my heart. A place that has taken much of my money and in return given me a safe haven and place of rest. I am of course speaking of Downtown Grill and Brewery, or DTGB’s in my own shorthand.

Its Knoxville’s premier (only) downtown micro-brewery. The food is great (they fry really well) and the beer is always cold. I spend typically two- to three evenings a week in this hardwood, brass, and copper haven that seats hundreds and yet can be as intimate as a romantic walk across the Gay St. bridge (that is until you realize you’re in south Knox by a crappy hospital but I digress).

Happy hour provides $3.95 chicken baskets, $4.25 Nacho’s, Half pizza’s, Beer Cheese & Pretzels, Chips and salsa, and most importantly $2.00 PINTS UNTIL 8:00.

The servers are great, Andres, Shaggy, Butch, LT, Mahini just to name a few, and the Manager Dan Goss (no relation to Buzz) has everything well under-handle.

The best part, at least in my opinion is, the Weekly Poker Tourney. Mondays at 6 and 9 you can find me with a green visor and plaid vest hustlin’ up a buck. Well it’s a free roll and they took my visor but I’m still there. I’m on my way to 50,000 points and then I can play the big boy game on Sundays. It’s $2 pints while you play as well.

Oh and Tuesday nights are $1.50 pint night from 9:30 on it’s a great deal. Anyways, I love this place, I have one of the mugs (meaning I get more beer) that Stan got for me a couple of years ago and I have really gotten my moneys worth.

Ok I’m done but seriously, go. It’s on Gay St. next to Sapphire.

8 out of 10 Wigs on the Wig-o-meter


stan said...

i believe the last sentence be: "i have really gotten HIS money's worth."

because you should always give expecting nothing in return, except recognition.

Anonymous said...

This is a good review, Pol. And I like the picture of your lovely wife. I am pleased with the Brewery, and of course it is more fun when you are in good company. Their nachos are very good. My favorite beer is the White Mule IPA, though as to your comment about the beer always being cold, I think in the case of the IPA and Stout or Porter, it is a little too cold and would be better served from a cask. But a cold, cold Blonde...Yum!

ck said...

my only complaint is that they covered up one of the dart boards with a golden tee machine. dtgb used to be one of the best places in downtown to throw darts... now there's only one board and usually some frat kids have pushed their table in front of it. hopefully the crown and goose will have good darts.

Mickey said...

I like DTGB, but intimate is not a word I would use to describe it.

Not only do they have the best beer in town but, as you pointed out, get there before 8 and it's also the cheapest.

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