Saturday, February 02, 2008

one reason why living on gay street ain't so gay

Morning parades.

What the hell? Does anyone really want to see a dog parade on a Saturday morning? This Saturday, I decided, would be my last chance to sleep in for a long time. So after some first friday-ing and a stop home and then a meet up with my pal JZ at the Pilot Light for a beer, I happily decided I could go to bed late and sleep in late. Boot camp starts Monday, y'all. I was seriously looking forward to a 10:30 wake time today.

So there I am, tucked into my bed, wearing my most heavenly slippers, when I am brough to consciousness by WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? WHO LET THE DOGS OUT. First of all, not an appropriate song. Ever. Even if you are, in fact, letting your real, four legged dog out. No. I thought for a moment that my neighbors are a little weirder than I had given them previous credit for before I remembered that this month's Downtown Knoxville Newsletter had listed a dog parade. Seriously? And why?

I shouldn't hate, because, you know, it's getting people together, a chance for people to be active. I like dogs. My fake dogs even have names. But still. That's a reason why living on Gay St. isnt always super cool, awesome times for the hipsters. Once my best friend was visiting me from Miami and we got stuck waiting to move my car for over an hour while the breast cancer walk went by.

Also, I just found out that the mysterious store front below me is about to become a video game "bar." (Versus). The sign in their window reads, "Wii open 2/22." Clever. How about this for fun? Teenaged kiddos hopped up on energy drinks, chain smoking below my window all night long. I'm all for it. I just think it's time for me to stop in and have a chat with the landlords, make sure I'm not subject to cigarrette smoke and conversations about hello kitty and guitar hero all night long.



Mickey said...

I always thought I'd like to live in a loft downtown. I didn't really think about the drawbacks.
You have given me definite pause.

(Note how I didn't go for the pun on that last sentence.)

Courtney said...

I hate that song. And parades. So I feel your pain.

I also had not thought of the downside of living on Gay St. I thought it was like the Mecca of Knoxville.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are ups and downs. I think things like parades and loud neighbors are generally are worth putting up with. But yeah, sometimes it sucks.