Friday, January 25, 2008

Wig Shop's Endorsements for County Offices

The Wig Shop's resident political junkie is taking it upon itself to make endorsements for the upcoming election. These will be endorsements for county and city officials. I have my own thoughts on the federal offices but so does everyone else so I'll leave those be. The local stuff is important to and here is who we endorse... and maybe why.

For County commision seat 1A (yes, downtown is seat 1A) the wig shop endorses:

Albert O. Baah: "I believe I can bring some positive changes to the County Commission - honesty and integrity," he said. "I believe I can help in educating our children and help in law enforcement. I'd like to have a safe city to live in."

He is also has a great sense of style and is a used car salesman.

For Knox County Clerk the wig shop endorses:

Amy Henley-Vandergriff

"It's a law," she said. "It's not open for interpretation." Vandergriff has downtown connections (manager at Regas) and is young and energetic.

For Knox County Trustee:

Roger Kane Jr.

OK, this one is personal. This guy taught my insurance class recently and I think that he's one of the guys in this thing for the right reasons. He is a business owner and has no past county government experience. He's a nice guy and worthy of a vote.

For Register of Deeds:

Scott Emge

Emge ran last year for the same office, and one of his campaign issues was that former Register of Deeds Steve Hall, who was ousted by a state Supreme Court ruling upholding term limits, was illegally on the ballot.

I like his background, he's a business man who wants another shot at an office he was denied unfairly. This whole Term Limits boondoggle has provided for a "Throw the bums out" mentality.

The remaining offices are kind of hard to pick.

Bill lockett for law director because he hasn't been in county government.
I don't like either candidate for sheriff, so I won't put my two cents in.
And I'll pick Bob McGee for criminal court judge just because he's very happy looking.

These candidates reflect a wide swath of political affiliations and I think will do a good job at reforming (or at least improving) the current situation we have.

Early Voting Ends Jan. 31st.

Vote Early, Vote Often.


ck said...

the guys over at have a lot of articles highlighting different candidates. worth checking out, though now the wig shop has spoken, i'm sure these candidates will win.

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