Sunday, January 27, 2008

Urban Development

Well everyone, as we all know Knoxville downtown is a constantly changing city and I'm living proof of that. My place, a 650 sq ft Palace of Love, has been undergoing renovations since the wife and I moved in in June. Yesterday was one of the great landmark days of our home. With the help of ck and stan this once empty wall now contains two custom French doors.

So my hat is off to my friends for their help (especially ck as he is the expert) and to their respective spouses that allowed them to help all day long. Lots of coffee and an excess of patience were needed in construction, and a few cigars from the Knoxville Cigar Company didn't hurt our cause either.

cheers y'all.


Anonymous said...

congrats, pol! i love the way they look, and i can't wait to see them.

gee, having to spend allll day working with stan?! now you know how i feel!

stan said...

i'd like to think that if i couldn't provide expert assistance, my moral support was flawless.

ck said...

what he doesn't mention is that the doors won't close together. we'll have to table saw one down an 1/8". and the pol didn't even buy my cigar. all i got out of the lousy bum was a rally's burger (not that i'm complaining, it was good!).

stan said...

... and cost him a whole dollar. but i guess you get what you pay for.