Sunday, January 27, 2008

pommes frites

this weekend, my mother flew from detroit to come visit me. we had a really nice time, as we always do when either one or both of my parents (or brothers) come to visit. my brothers both live in chicago, so i feel sometimes that knoxville isn't quite as fun of a city for the parents to visit. but my parents love coming to visit here (probably because i am their best child...). they have fallen in love with knoxville, and i'm glad to see that they embrace my home as much as i do.

yesterday was a great day. we woke early and had some coffee at home before heading out to seqouyah hills to walk the boulevard. after an exhilerating walk, mom wanted to try something new for breakfast/lunch (bistro by the bijou has a GREAT saturday brunch, but we always go there), so i took her for a drive along lions view and northshore (such a pretty drive), and we went to northshore brasserie. yum!

northsore brasserie does a great lunch. and it's really, really reasonably priced. i had the fried egg and cheese sandwich, and mom had the quiche (a very large slice!). and northshore's pommes frites? i will be bold to say that they're the best in town.

i dont get to the brasserie as much as i'd like, but it's always a treat when i do.

oh, and today before taking mom to the airport, i convinced her to have a bloody mary with me. downtown grille and brewery makes a good one, and it's only 3.75!


Mickey said...

Yay, food!

stan said...

wait, wait, wait...did you say you went out west?! we on this blog show nothing save CONTEMPT for west knoxville.

anything west of 17th street is considered BFE in my opinion!