Friday, January 25, 2008

I love Canadians

In honor of mickey's recent post, I am posting my all-time favorite Kids In The Hall skit. Please tell me that Kids In The Hall made it down to the South! Up North, we watched it religiously on Comedy Central (mid 90s through early 2000s), but Stan told me he has never heard of the show (well he hadnt until I made him watch this skit about 4,000 times). Anyway, those Canadians were a staple of my childhood, college years, and bartending years; so I want to share.

Warning: There are some scantily clad, weird ladies in this skit, so if you are easily offended at all, don't watch it. I, obviously, am not easily offended (by questions of vulgarity at least), as I swear like a trucker, have a stack of Playboys and sleep on 1000 count Egyptian sheets with pin-up girls on them. Okay, I digress; you have been warned.

Again! Again!


ck said...

i don't know about tennesee, but it was on tv in west virginia in the 90s. "i crush your head" was very popular.

Courtney said...

I'm partial to Bruce's confession: "I'm sorry I caused all that cancer."

Mickey said...

The Kids achieved nationwide television saturation thanks to Comedy Central. We all were blessed and I was forever changed.

regi said...

those pasty canucks stole my heart everyday after class.