Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008, baby! [updated]

Thank goodness it's here. (images added by stan)
The Pol, Stan and I rung in the New Year with our spouses and assorted siblings on the rooftop deck of my office by Market
Square, RIGHT UNDER the exploding fireworks that we didn't know were going to go off. Knoxville really tried to be classy this year with their own version of the Times Square Ball (which curiously didn't look like a golden disco ball) dropped from a crane. People filled the Square while various bad rock/country bands "rocked" on stage. It was actually really cool to count down with several thousand other people.
I think every body had a fun time. No one fell off the roof. I'm sure Stan will update us with pictures of the evening from the new extravagant camera "he got for his wife."
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, we hope it's a good one for you.

further update from stan:
in addition to the pictures above (i hope everyone can appreciate their mind blowing quality), i'd also like to mention that a contributor to this blog was interviewed by one of knoxville's own WVLT camera crews. i'm not sure it was considered inspiring material, but then again i've never been interviewed for tv.

as a further aside, please notice the glowing ball floating above the reporter's head. that kind of weird stuff was happening all night long!

it was about that time of the evening that we all noticed the regions bank sign. "rons regi" became the first joke of 2008. kind of a bleak start i guess. but we all thought it was hilarious.

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