Monday, January 28, 2008

more development

Another exciting development in our little downtown community. Plans were unveiled last week for a new development near my end of town. This is one of the plans for the old supreme court building site. I'm always excited about this stuff and really hope that it will come together to work out.

there is also a little map of the location and a good article about it also in the KNS. I like Haslam, especially because he gets behind this stuff so energetically.


Mickey said...

That's one more office development that won't be carved out of woods or wetlands or former farmland. Hooray for urban core development!

ck said...

it's amazing that the downtown hotels won't spend a cent on renovations and then file a lawsuit to prevent any competition on their precious monopoly.

stan said...

yeah, i saw that too. the hotels were the ones who pushed the referendum in the first place--which limits the development to non-city funding. what sounded like a cap on local government spending was actually a way to keep out any more competition.

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