Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First Fridays Countdown

Its that time again, first fridays in downtown.

Put on your sunday best and head out for meatballs, cheap wine, good art (and lets be honest, bad art) but more importantly a time to enjoy the great stuff that our little downtown has to offer in the way of culture.

Culture on Knoxville, Culture on.


ck said...

i heard that the pol won't even be at first friday. something about "going to church..." lame! pseudo-culture always trumps spirituality!

Anonymous said...

sometimes the art is good!

i think it is first friday (singular).

shelleycoughlin said...

Wait, the whole city of Knoxville has First Fridays? That is amazing. How can I get this to happen in Boston?

Courtney said...

I haven't gone out for any First Fridays yet, but maybe I'll venture out this week.

Mickey said...

So what exactly should be done on this, the first Friday? I'm out of the loop here.