Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Pol

The pol is a middle of the road kind of guy. Meaning that if you're in the middle of the road he is going to run over you (read: stan)

The pol Loves Uber Capitalism (doesn't know how to do those cool dots over the u)
The pol hates socialism
The pol also hates speaking in the third person so he is going to stop... now.

But on a more personal note I love knoxville. I have had a swath of jobs in this town over the past few years, starbucks, the republican party, a short stint in pr, and now insurance.

I am the only downtown homeowner on this blog which gives me an inflated feeling of self-worth but I work out west so feel kind of dirty.

My wife also boycotts this blog but its ok, she'll come around.

(Back to third person now)

The Pol, as seen by his name, is a political junkie. He loves a good discussion of issues and reads every story about the presidential race and Britney Spears that he can find.

The Pol has no opinion of hairstyles or anything like that as he has no hair.

The Pol loves Milton Friedman, Barry Goldwater, Wm. H Taft, John Adams (no not the beer guy, but he's good too) and Real Clear Politics.

The Pol is always up for a pint at DTGB's and can be found there every monday night playing texas holdem.


Anonymous said...

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ck said...

you got one weird comment above. and a hug.
in that picture your head seems to have more hair on the top and less on the front then it does these days. let's not live in the past, pol.

stan said...

what a complete moron!

ck said...

i know, he's perfect for politics!

Anonymous said...

pol, i dont think you are a moron. i do have a question, though: do you like h.l. mencken? wait, i have another question: did you cry a little when that commenter asked you if you were ralph nader?

Anonymous said...

PS. I still love that that first commenter up there wrote "A Hug."

It is seriously very awesome.

anna said...

i thought "the pol" meant "the polish guy". makes more sense with it being "politic" though.

Ethan Duke - Assistant Director said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ethan Duke - Assistant Director said...

Pol~ Have you joined the NMS (Knoxville Marmot Society)?

If you could, would you?

baaaad "would"-chuck joke... I know. What should be call them, since they don't chuck wood?

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