Monday, January 21, 2008

3 months!

...and two days.
Let's all take a breath after last week's intense posting and commenting drama and take a look at the State of the Blog:

The Wig Shop has gone through three months and we're doing better than ever. For a while, the only people looking at this thing were the writers and Will Cote (who has the distinction of being our first commenter and original muse). After a few graphic face lifts and a little networking, this blog is starting to get noticed. An esteemed award was given to us (which is only given out to a half dozen or so blogs everyday!) and we've made it on some pretty classy blog rolls. We've made some new friends along the way and we've even garnered a few enemies. Now the Wig Shop is attracting more and more traffic, getting more hits in one weekend than we did in our first month.

What's it all about?

The writers here all live and work and play in this little city, and want to share it with you. We hope that someone who has never been here could read our blog and get a good feel for what Knoxville is like. Do we represent Knoxville holistically? Probably not. Most of the writers live around downtown and represent that scene. A little cliquish, I know, but it's what we know best. Perhaps we can provide the template for people to write about life out in West Knoxville or any of the other suburbs. Meanwhile we'll just keep writing about what's happening down here in the nitty gritty center. We invite comments and criticism.

Another thing that we like is the weird stuff we see around Knoxville. Undoubtably, downtown gets its fair share of the strangest things you're likely to see in Knox County. If you're looking for a guy dressed like Crocodile Dundee arguing with a newspaper stand, we can point you in the right direction. We are here to document all of the crazy people and places we see on a daily basis and bring it to you. Whether you choose to avoid or seek out those things is up to you.

Thanks for reading, and keep coming back the ol' Wig Shop (which is not the Sunsphere). As long as semi-interesting stuff keeps happening to us, we'll keep posting it here.


The Pol said...

what should we get the blog for her three month anniversary. I know a subscription to awesome

Mickey said...

Right on and keep up the good work.

ck said...

it's in the works, pol. we'll know in 72 hours...