Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weird Knoxville Post

So apparently Knoxville is a culturally relevant city. If anyone else is a Lost junkie then you have noticed that there was a billboard that went up near the Gallagher View road exit about two weeks ago. And then someone graffitied it. So actually this plays on two of our recent posts. Anyways heres a picture:

Ok so upon a little bit of research I discovered that, if that wasn't weird enough, that the graffiti is a website with a lost subplot. OK crass commercial marketing right, wrong.

Only 9 cities in the world got this billboard. 2 in cali, 1 in seoul, south korea (may our alittlekorean saw it) on in ames iowa (wtf) and a couple others in major cities.

OK so for some reason we got a random billboard for LOST and no one knows why or really who put them up.

But I think I figured it out. The answer is simply

(LOST sounds effects for the dramatic blackout here)


Anonymous said...

i have never seen lost, and i never will. but isn't it supposed to be because on of the characters is from knoxville?

stan said...

i think you're right em. our friend at scruffy city has a post about it as well. question to more avid Lost watchers than I: do the other locations represent cities the main characters call home?

ck said...

i'll be honest: i don't know nor do i care. lost just toyed with my emotions and left me with nothing but questions.

Anonymous said...

i hate lost. there, i said it.

The Pol said...

lost is a joy to watch.

no one on thshow is from knoxville.

and there are more than nine characters.

if you don't like lost you just aren't trying.

J. Molinaro said...

Sawyer is from Knoxville. (http://lostpedia.com/wiki/Knoxville#K)

If I hadn't already gotten sucked in, I'd probably wait until it was all finished before I started watching it. I love LOST, but it's so frustrating sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Season 5 - Episode 1 - "John Fakis Death"

Anonymous said...

Sorry should be "Fakes His Death"...

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