Sunday, January 06, 2008

a little party


reg, CK and I are sitting here with some ladies having a few drinks discussing the worlds problems. Much fun was had in knoxville this weekend. we always want to say thankyou to our quaint little downtown. We also want to apologize to Marie for not making it by to see her this weekend. Don't worry sweetie we'll be by soon.


Anonymous said...

this weekend was fun! i love the downtown riveria cinema, but i decided you need to get there like 20 minutes to a half hour before your show in order to get a good seat. otherwise, you'll be staring up at charlie wilson's war with your neck craned back.

ck said...

There was much merriment, political discussion, and eating of mini fruit pizzas last night. We confirmed on snopes that Obama did NOT take oath on the Koran. Unfortunately the lovebird Jungs couldn't make it. We're thinking about having people over again tonight for the National Championship- anyone interested? Even if you don't like football (em) it's good excuse to hang out.