Thursday, January 17, 2008

being a big deal requires effort

turns out, being me is a big deal. i just got this new blackberry because i'm so busy and important. it never stops ringing. that's how many emails and phone calls i get all the time. sometimes i'm like 'screw you blackberry.' but it doesn't turn off. ever.

oh well. with these state of the art contraptions, you never can tell. plus, i'm already on to the next big thing anyway. we're only 8 years into this millennium and i'm so ahead, its like 'bring on 3000!', ya' know?

well, that's all i have to report. i've got to get to like 400 meetings before 9:30 tonight. don't stop 'till you're dead!


Anonymous said...

no, no...don't stop even WHEN you're dead. jeez, stan, have a little more conviction.

The Pol said...

stan ... em... yall sit right next to each other in the office.

this is kind of sad to give a tit-for-tat on the blog.

almost as sad as the blackberry... almost.

Anonymous said...

actually, pol, i was in the kitchen when i wrote that comment. an entirely DIFFERENT room.

Mickey said...

What kinds of games do you get on that thing? Free Cell? Tetris?

ck said...

please, stan, please. how can people know you're important if you don't flash the latest, most expensive gadget?! if you're really serious get apple's new ultra-thin i-sketch. the etching resolution is unparalleled!

stan said...

i have wolfenstein 2d. its amazing.

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