Monday, January 28, 2008

"Readers Choice"

To our reader(s):

We at the wigshop love nothing more than to put up the things that interest us (we are very self involved). Our favorite haunts, the hipster things we buy, our self-indulgence in being knoxville-urban-chic, but there comes a time to listen to the masses.

We cannot always keep our heads in the clouds, thinking you always want to read what we like so we ask for your thoughts. What would you like to see on the wigshop? More store reviews, stories about wizards, stupid pet tricks, guy falls off house and hits groin on shovel?

Please give us your thoughts. We can't promise we'll deliver but we can sure promise that we'll at least mock the requests privately... in public.


Mickey said...

You definitely can never have too many wizard stories. That's pretty basic.

Other than that, I'd say just keep on making the rest of us feel inadequate and not-quite-hip-enough to hang out with the cool kids. It's worked so far.

I'm kidding, but not about the wizards. I never joke about wizards. Just do what comes naturally, although I suppose reviews of your favorite haunts would be useful to those of us still feeling out Knoxville.

Anonymous said...

nudie pics!

i kid, i kid.

i will say myself that i like our diversity of posts (across wigshop contributers). i like that you, pol, post about politics. i like that ck and stan post about society and culture, blah blah. i like that reginold posts nothing.

no, really. i like that the three of you post thoughtful posts about a wide variety of subjects. and i like that i, generally, post lame, rushed impressions about food and hair and drinking because i dont ever feel like putting effort into anything.

Courtney said...

I enjoy the stories of weird stuff you see around K-ville. Store reviews are good too. I probably learn more about Knoxville from this blog than I do from the KNS (sad, I know.)

Mock away!

samuel said...

I like the idea of the guy falling off the roof and hitting his groin on a shovel, but I'd love it more if, while staggering away holding his groin he were to step on a rake that smashed his nose. If he could then stumble down a hill into a frozen pond . . .

Oh, and making me feel inadequately hip, because I'm not depressed enough.

Anonymous said...

I want to see a review of Toot's Little Honky Tonk on Anderson Ave. Maybe I've already missed it...