Wednesday, January 16, 2008

who is lucas?

born on the sunny beaches of rio de janeiro, brazil (literally, a sand-birth), lucas spent the better part of his toddler years in greece and portugal before heading to a suburb of new york in the glorious land of new jersey, where he developed an affinity for music, art, and fine wine.

educated at wake forest (read: at a country club), lucas's life has now shifted gears and led him to the bustling metropolis that is knoxville. while one might think that such a cosmopolitan man might settle in the downtown area, lucas prefers the quiet serenity of sequoyah hills, where he enjoys beautiful views, riverside strolls, and the regular chiming of church bells.

around knoxville, you will most likely find lucas in the vicinity of the university, eating at sawyer's chicken fingers, stopping in at knoxville cigar shop for a quick smoke, or driving around town with guys that are 5 years younger than him.


ck said...

look at those crazy eyes in the picture! you don't f with this dude. and i can confirm: his car is usually crawling with younger men. with lucas it's always the sexy time, very nise.

regi said...

riding in cars with boys, man those were the days or are the days. ah college.

T.J. Davidson said...

Damn Lucas - I'd do ya!