Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i go walking [before] midnight (and sometimes after)

more about when momma was in town...

mom really likes to walk. i like to take days off from running, so it was a lot of fun (speed) walking with mom. the woman said it me, "em, i really like walking with you because you force me to walk faster," and i thought to myself, "woman, i spent my entire childhood basically running to keep up with you because you walk so damn fast."

(oh, before i forget. my mom said hi to the following people: stan and wife. pol and wife. will. will, mom says she hopes you are having fun in korea.)

anyway, we walked the boulevard on saturday. on sunday, we took a suttree tour. it started by walking up vine street (steep hill) to check out immaculate conception. usually when mom comes to town, i take her to church. but this time there was a priest on mom's flight into knoxville, so i told her that was good enough). suttree walked up and down vine a lot. i really like vine street. when i am feeling strong, i end my downtown runs going up it. it's hard. but i like the view of the interstates and north knoxville from the top.

then we ambled down to summit hill and onto gay. took gay all the way across the bridge. i really like the gay street bridge. it provides a nice view of the river both directions, of neyland, and of campus. i also pointed to mom where suttree probably kept his houseboat docked and where, in the distance, the city rat dwelled. we walked passed baptist hospital and then crossed the henley street bridge. henley isnt as fun to walk because it gets significantly more traffic and it can be a little scary because those cars go really fast. but the two bridges make a fun loop, so i think it's worth it. i pointed out the pol's house to mom (view from the river side). then, once back on the downtown side of the river, we walked random roads to the old city for a coffee at java. finally we walked depot and passed by regas (suttree spent some dollar bills there). then we went home.

the walk got me thinking that it's really fun to walk into south knoxville. i'd like to, one warm-ish day and perhaps with some friends (stan, pol, ck?) walk across gay and all the way to disc exchange. it's not far, really. then, on the way home we could stop at smoky mountain deli for a gyro. yum.

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