Thursday, January 17, 2008

you know what i really like...?

pub dogs at union jacks!

and now that distributors in this town have fully embraced sweetwater 420 (a delicious extra pale ale, one of my favorite beers), there's a tasty combo right there. i hope that the sweetwater influx doesnt cause me to get sick of it (kind of like what a hip, silly soundtrack like juno can do to some old faves). i liked that the 420 was a rare fruit and you could only get it during trips to ATL or north carolina. this steady availability is a little daunting. hope it's not ruined for me.


stan said...

no kidding. what you need is a strategy. you get yourself on a two week rotation. you can only drink beer from one particular brand each night of the week. this way it'll be two weeks before you have the same beer again.

if you don't have 14 different brands that are your favorite or believe that a beer every night may have a negative impact on your health, just make a running tally. limit yourself to one brand a night . you'd better put some variation in your list. these are your taste buds!

ck said...

if you drink at marie's, you won't have that problem... more bud ice please!

Mickey said...

If you never drink outside the Sweetwater brand again, you'll still be fine. Every style they put out is superb. As good as 420 is, their IPA blows it away. Drink what you want to drink!

Anonymous said...

I don't like the Sweetwater blueberry beer. but then again i am a beer snob and refuse to drink flavored beers. I was trained in the strict English tradition.

stan said...

if i remember correctly, English tradition = get drunk when your 15 and stay there for the rest of your life, with a short sobriety break for kids.

Anonymous said...


Courtney said...

I'm SO GLAD we can get Sweetwater in Knoxville now! Don't bother pacing yourself. Go crazy.

The Pol said...

wow I'm just stunned that there are 7 comments on this post

Anonymous said...

don't belittle me or my opinions, pol. hot dogs and beer are very worthy topics.

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