Tuesday, January 08, 2008

cliff clark: knoxville vigilante or villian?

they report.

you decide.

or something like that...


ck said...

Well... I don't think people should be shooting .30-06s in the city, even if I approve of the target. Ballistics will prove him guilty or innocent on that one. Overall, though, I don't think that surveillance should set up without the people having a say- if the council put it on a ballot I think they'd find it an unpopular move. We've set up our laws and chartered the police to enforce them, but have also placed restrictions on how they are enforced. I think the city is pushing the boundary here.

Anonymous said...

All charges were dismissed against Clifford Clark one week before trial, after he subpoenaed a Knox County deputy to testify that a deputy confessed to shooting a redlight camera. KPD and Redflex testified they destroyed all ballistics evidence (bullets and camera housing with bullet holes), and destroyed all audiotapes of alleged confessions and consents to search which Clark vehemently denied. Clark never got a redlight ticket nor traffic ticket, and is a retired millionaire. Frame job.

Cliff Clark has now had a massive stroke, while awaiting the other bogus trials that he would also win easily, since govt can never dismiss charges against innocent people for risk of lawsuits for false arrest and malicious prosecution:

TV crew threatened with arrest by judge in Clifford Clark trial: