Monday, April 21, 2008

"Y" I'm not so fat anymore

One of the perks of working for a big company is that they pay for me to not be fat. Even better, they pay for me not to be fat downtown. As of right now the only gym (at least on a large scale) is the Y and I love it. It's right at Locust and Clinch, easy to find and easy to walk to.
Built in 1927, or something like that, the downtown Y is in a current state of regeneration that puts any of its suburban peers to shame. The building is classy and convenient, the facilities are newly renovated and top-of-the-line,and the staff is friendly, but not pushy.

They have rooms for yoga, spinning, weights of course, an indoor pool (that I love) and a sauna and steam room. This is the grown up Y. No kids are ever there and the demographic is 25+. Some of the best points are the towel service (which no other Y around here has) and the way the building still has the feel of its 80+ year history.

There are new flat screen TV's everywhere if you need a distraction, plenty of classes and trainers to help, if you need the motivation, but most importantly there is convenience and solitude in this place where you can work out and not have to impress everyone around you. So when you feel the guilt of that 3rd dark beer or the happy hour nachos, give the Y a call. Oh and you get a discount for living downtown if you join, that's cool too.

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The Modern Gal said...

Yeah, but unfortunately their membership prices reflect just how top-of-the-line their stuff is. I've been working out at 180, behind the Holiday Inn on Papermill, and it's got all the same features for a significantly smaller fee.

ck said...

i feel your pain. the downtown y was awesome for me... while my company was paying for it. that perk got axed and the membership fees were too much for me to handle on my own.

Anonymous said...

We joined the Y after my hubs got the Diabetes diagnosis... best move we could have ever made. Love the facilities, the great staff, the new equipment. The Y Rocks!!!

Mickey said...

Looks sweet. I've been wondering how all that renovating was working out.

Anonymous said...

I love the downtown Y. I have been a member for 2 years.

I enjoy the spinning classes, especially the ones that Emily and Christal teach.

I also enjoy Darryl's pilates class. It's, and no offense meant to Darryl, a little geared toward beginners, but he is great and it is a great stretch.

There ARE kids at the downtown Y! My friend AFP's son did the kid program and now works out next to his mom. I love how family friendly the place is.

Finally, I see Dr. Corbitt for chiropractic needs. His office is at the Y. His wife, Sandra, is a great masseuse. She has hours there too.

regi said...

yet another reason to support your local YMCA:
over 47% of families who are members or who receive membership services, are on scholarship or receive financial aid from the YMCA.