Friday, April 25, 2008

cliff is back in the news

Clifford Clark, the [alleged] Red Light Camera Vigilante, is back in the spotlight. Again, it has become a he-said/they-said war of words between Clark and the Police. I posted here before that Clark is just making things worse for himself. Now things have taken a turn in a new bizarre direction.

Apparently, the facts are this:

-the verdict over the red light incident is still pending

-UT has banned Clark from campus

-two plainclothes Knox County Sheriff's deputies busted into Clark's house while trying to serve a warrant for criminal trespassing at UT

-Clark aimed a loaded shotgun at the deputies

-they confiscated two pistols, two shotguns, two rifles, ammunition, and six boxes of armor-piercing bullets from Clark's house

You can read the WBIR article and judge for yourself, and go over to for his side of things. For my part, I painstakingly handcrafted a mural to commemorate this event:
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stan said...

that image is inspirational.

stan said...

wait, did you give us that 2nd best label on the side as well??

ck said...

yeah, i didn't figure metro pulse would be forthcoming with one, so i made one for us to wear with pride, per mickey's suggestion.

stan said...

for posterity, you might put "second, third, or fourth." we don't want to stretch it...

Mickey said...

You are a credit to the craft of blogging. Nice illustration.

Also good work succumbing to reader pressure- the badge doesn't get top billing, though?

The Modern Gal said...

That guy has a lot of pent-up aggression that the city of K-town needs to harness somehow and put to good use.

Seriously. Just don't run any red lights and the cameras will leave you alone. No reason to shoot.

And a belated congrats on the MP (almost) award!

ck said...

stan- oh no no! we're claiming second. MP will have to pry it from our dead, digital fingers.

mickey- thanks. i was hoping people might think that it was actual photo from the standoff.

Chris said...

Well, that answers my question of whether he was just drunk or nuts when he shot the camera.

For the record, our family owns several guns so I'm not "anti-gun" but there is no reason in the world for a civilian to have armor piercing rounds. If he had them, I don't understand why he wasn't arrested for that as those are restricted to law enforcement only.

Amelia said...

that graphic is awesome. does he still leave threatening remarks on this blog page?

ck said...

no, not a peep. but there is an oblique reference on his website with him wishing "derogatory bloggers" had caught the spanish flu.