Wednesday, April 02, 2008

more squid

Ok, so this isn't exactly Knoxville-centric...
Ever since the Cthulhu mural brouhaha last week, I keep seeing squid stuff around the net. Check this out- the Humboldt Squid are invading the West Coast. And these guys are something I never want to encounter in the ocean.

Update: this is another type of squid... with press-on nails


Mickey said...

I don't mind the occasional squid-related tangent now and again, C.K.

Just quit linking me to Wikipedia while I'm at work. It's no good for my productivity.

(By the way, I'm very disappointed to learn that the giant squid and the colossal squid do not make good eatin'. Such a shame.)

ck said...

if i could graph productivity and useless knowledge in my life, one line would plummet and one would skyrocket after wikipedia came online.

Mickey said...

The update squid is way scarier.