Thursday, April 24, 2008

if you fool enough people, it counts as fame

in case you missed the results of the metropulse's "best of knoxville 2008", let me fill you in on the only list that matters:

this blog was not ranked as the best in knoxville, but we did make the runner up. and i'd like to think that we came in 2nd. never mind that it's probably listed in alphabetical order.

all that matters is that enough people have been blinded by the mind-bending graphics, intuitive interface, and witty banter/soul-stirring prose of this charming, humble, little blog that they thought it would be a good idea to make us runners up.

one more time, for posterity.
i don't think we'd even be in the top ten if cthulhu's estranged brother wasn't our banner...


outside the internet, i have no real purpose in life. so i was thinking about this post for a little while (2 hours) after i published it.

a story from my childhood best illustrates my feelings on our runner up status.

i was about 6 or 7, and friend and i were playing outside after school. he told me that he was having a birthday party on saturday but that i wasn't invited. his mother only let him invite 6 of his friends to the party. i was number 7 on the list.

"but," he told me with conviction, "if i had been able to invite 7, you could come."

i'm not sure if he was just a little manipulative punk, or if we both were that naive at the time, but i believed him and didn't feel slighted at all. we went on playing.

i feel about the same now. 7 (or 2nd) ain't so bad.


Anonymous said...

stan, did you just say "snap" in this post? I was going to make fun of you earlier today, but I am glad that I saved it until now.


we are awesome. the most awesomest of all. or second awesomest.


stan said...

i did use "snap!" and rightly so. i also moved my post above yours.

sorry, i just believe i'm more important...


The Modern Gal said...

And one better than Glenn Reynolds. That's something to be proud of.

ck said...

i think you said it long ago: "with blogs, bad is the new good." still, this recognition makes me a lot more excited than it really should. thanks to everyone who voted!
only here could "glam rock" and "cthulhu" possibly approach the same sentence. yet if our banner where an ink blot, those would be the first three words out of my mouth.

Robert said...

but Jason, I didn't think we were friends until high school? wierd

Courtney said...

Yeah! Congratulations, Wigshop!

Mickey said...

Upon reading Metro Pulse last night, my first thought was "Damn! I should have voted twice!"

So close, guys, I'm sure.

Congratulations, Wig Shop. You're my #1.

(Can't you get one of those "Best of Knoxville" badges to put up here permanently?)

Anonymous said...

Mickey - I'm pretty sure we'll make one for ourselves.

ck said...

consider it done

Anonymous said...

Go wigshop go!

Amelia said...

When I saw that Metro Pulse issue, that's the first category I looked for to see if this site had won. And the one that DID win...I checked it out and didn't find it all that fascinating.