Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i done put mah brother in the trunk so the tv fit in mah car, and the po-lice done arrested me!

The title says it all. See here.
Stay classy, East Tennessee.


Mickey said...

I understand that people are not supposed to ride in trunks and that a 16-year-old is a minor, but come on. Couldn't this easily just have been a warning from the police officer rather than an arrest subsequently picked up by the news outlets?

It sounds like the kid got in the trunk voluntarily and maybe we should instead be impressed by this guy's obvious skill at solving spatial dilemmas. TV doesn't fit in trunk, teenager does. Sounds reasonable to me.

stan said...

i'm with you. we should reward resourcefulness not punish it! what kind of message are we sending here?--that our government would rather you take two trips than one? i thought we were trying to discourage extra driving as a result of record gas prices.

ck said...

i think the main thing to learn here is this: we need more suvs on the road. if these people hadn't of been disadvantaged with an archaic "car" they could have easily fit that guy and the tv inside. we shouldn't punish them for not being able to get a gloriously huge tahoe. i think some kind of government suv voucher program needs to be created to get the right vehicles to those in need.