Monday, April 14, 2008

and you thought only you took it too seriously?

and by 'it,' i mean the sunsphere.

this past weekend, casual conversation led myself and a friend to sunsphere worship. apparently, it exists. a contingent of our fellow knoxvillians bow down to the oddly mesmerizing monolith. unaware of such a following, and curious of its legitimacy, i turned this query to my most trusted adviser.

after less than a minute and a half of internet searching, i was not disappointed by a link to the sunsphere cult on myspace.

after a quick read through in search of their raison d'etre, the group appears to be nothing more than a group of bored kids on myspace. big surprise . i guess i was really hoping for a small group, reverently dressed, on their mats every morning in a semicircle around the glowing orb.

but then again, the following words are in their bio:

We Hereby worship the greatest achievent [sic] of the world, The Sunsphere, erected for the 1982 World's Fair, seemingly out of nowhere, the sunsphere is a place of Divine Worship and Holy Pilgrimage.
how can they not mean business?

so this is a question to you, sunsphere worshipers: do you exist? are you serious? what about the ugly yellow ball beckons your allegiance? if i was good at research or journalism, i'd search for these answers myself. but as it turns out, i'm a lazy blogger. so i leave all the work to you.

depressing side note: a website linking to this blog came up second on a google search for "sunsphere worship"

bonus: there is a sunsphere song as well. aren't the internets amazing? so many secrets revealed!


benjamin said...

that is the best synth solo in a song about knoxville EVER.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't say i worship it, but i think it's pretty darn cool.

see here:

and here:

Anonymous said...

it cut my 2nd one off. blogger!

Anonymous said...


see my march 21st entry on my blog.

!boo hiss blogger!

Anonymous said...

ok, it didn't cut it off and i look like an idiot.

you're going to see all those comments and think you've found a ton of sunsphere worshippers.


ck said...

that song was amazing. they should play that before an appearance of the mayor in public, like a disco "hail to the chief."
stay classy, knoxville.

The Pol said...

Hope on board, departing for tomorrow, sunsphere mirrors all our dreams, sunsphere bring us all together, sunshpere send us on our way, sunshpere shine your light on Knoxville.

I feel dirty, I feel happy, I think I've found my campaign theme song.

Now if someone could just get Jay-Z to remix it for me I'd be a lock for county commission.

Mickey said...

Mesmerizing, indeed.

Robert said...

No worries, Cullin ... I'm in talks with Kanye's people.

Robert said...

No worries, Cullin ... I'm in talks with Kanye's people.

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